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C1000-003 Answers


What command is used to globally install the Mobile Foundation CLI from the command prompt without first downloading it?

A.npm install mfpdev-cli
B.npm install -g mfpdev-cli
C.node install -g mfpdev-cli
D.npm install -g path-to-cli-.tgz-file



What type of data is contained in the value of the _id of a JSONStore Document?

A.A user defined unique integer
B.A user defined alpha-numeric key
C.An automatically generated unique integer
D.An automatically generated hash-identifier



How does a Mobile Foundation application developer deploy a Java adapter with Maven?

A.mvn adapter deploy
B.mvn adapter:deploy
C.mvn install adapter
D.mvn install adapter deploy



Which statement is true regarding sending notifications using IBM Mobile Foundation?

A.Only iOS and Android types of device are supported.
B.The notifications are sent from the Mobile Foundation Server directly to the devices.
C.The Mobile Foundation Operations Console allows both SMS and push notifications to be sent.
D.Push notification can be sent either from the Mobile Foundation Operations Console or via REST APIs.


Question: 5

What command can a developer use to preview a Cordova application’s web resources in a browser?

A.mfpdev app preview
B.mfpdev app config --preview
C.mfpdev preview <browser_type>
D.mfpdev preview <application_name>




What is the correct value to use in the Elapsed Time Interval field along with the Elapsed Time Attribute?

A. Today + 30
B. Sysdate + 30
C. +30 (positive 30)
D. -30 (negative 30)

Answer: C

An administrator want to create a time based escalation point to evaluate to 30 days in the future. What is the correct value to use in the Elapsed Time Interval field along with the Elapsed Time Attribute?

A. Today + 30
B. Sysdate + 30
C. +30 (positive 30)
D. -30 (negative 30)

Answer: C

A company would like to make full use of item assembly structures. To which of the following records can they be applied? (Choose three.)

A. Items
B. Assets
C. Systems
D. Locations
E. Master PMs
F. Classifications

Answer: A,B,D

A user is in the Inventory application and has enabled a record for edit mode. The user performs an operation that does not release it from edit mode. Which operation is it?

A. Save action
B. Moving to Start Center
C. Running a query from the list tab of the application
D. Paging through records by using the Next and Previous links

Answer: D

A maintenance planner is in the process of planning time sensitive emergency maintenance work orders for a number of assets where items need to be reserved. What reservation type should be used?

A. Soft
B. Hard
C. Urgent
D. Critical

Answer: B

An administrator has a requirement to ensure that purchase requisitions have been approved before being able to create purchase orders from them. Which settings control this behavior?

A. Clear the Allow PO Creation From Unapproved PR? checkbox in Purchasing Options.
B. Clear the Allow PO Creation From Unapproved PR? checkbox on the purchase requisition.
C. Check the Require PR Approval on PO Creation? checkbox during the creation of the purchase requisition.
D. Check the purchasing option Require Approval to Convert PR to PO or Contract? (checkbox in Purchasing.

Answer: C

A master PM can be used to do which of the following?

A. Create a job plan revision.
B. Generate work orders for associated PMs.
C. Create associated PMs for an item’s location.
D. Change the status of work orders generated from associated PMs.

Answer: C

A company has a requirement to have labor certificates defined. In which application can this be done?

A. Crews
B. People
C. Certifications
D. Qualifications

Answer: D

An engineer schedules a very complex asset report developed in BIRT. The engineer needs to set a feature to be able to retrieve the report contents from within Maximo for very large files that are restricted by the email server. Which feature does this?

A. Direct Print
B. Email with a File URL
C. Email with a File Attachment

Answer: D

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