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An implementation professional has extended an API template and an out-of-the box table. For both these modifications, the modified XML file has been kept in the appropriate directory. To ensure these changes are effective, the resourses.jar and entities.jar files need to be rebuild.
Which is the BEST way to accomplish this?

A. Run the deployer.sh –t entitydeployer command from the %INSTALL_DIR%/bin folder
B. Run the deployer.sh –t resourcejar and then deployer.sh –t entitydeployer commands from the %INSTALL_DIR%/bin folder
C. Run the deployer.sh –t resourcejar command from the %INSTALL_DIR%/bin folder
D. Run the deployer.sh –t entitydeployer and then deployer.sh –t resourcejar commands from the %INSTALL_DIR%/bin folder

Answer: B

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