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C2030-102 Dumps

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C2030-102 Exam Dumps | The NameNode determines the rack id to which

Question: 5

The NameNode determines the rack id to which each DataNode belongs via the process outlined in which of the following?

B. Hadoop Rack Awareness
C. Job Tracker
D. NameNode High Availability

Answer: D

C2030-102 Braindumps | You have a need for…

Questions: 4

You have a need for Storm real time processing and you realize that your Storm processing is detrimental to the timely execution of your MapReduce batch jobs. Which of the following
would be your best course of action?

A. Implement a Storm-YARN integration to facilitate the management ofelasticworkloads
B. Implement the Oozie 2.0 framework optimized for elastic workload management
C. Use a combination of Flume and Oozie 2.0 to enable the Flume built-in elastic flow automation
D. Implement Apache ACE 2.0 for Storm

Answer: C

C2030-102 | Defining your need to enrich existing customer data you realize…

Question: 3

Defining your need to enrich existing customer data you realize that you need to process large quantities of Geospatial data and output to your data warehouse in a standard GeoJSON format. Which of the following would provide a business analyst with the desired output?

A. Big SQL
B. BigSheets
C. Hive queries
D. Text Analytics

Answer: C

C2030-102 | The Yarn Resource Managers (RM) have an option…

Question: 2

The Yarn Resource Managers (RM) have an option to embed an ActiveStandbyElector to decide which RM should be the Active. Upon which of the following is it based?

A. JobTracker
B. Zookeeper
C. Task Tracker
D. Name Node

Answer: C

C2030-102 | A media company collects customer…

Question: 1

A media company collects customer behavior data, such as how frequently they tune in, specific viewing habits, and peak usage in real time, in order to improve their services.The company likes to segmentits customers for advertisers by correlating viewing habits with public data, such as voterregistration, in order to launch highly targeted campaigns to specific demographics. What technology should their Data Architect consider?

A. InfoSphereStreams, BigInsights, and Pure Data for Analytics PDA
B. BigInsights and Pure Data for Operational Analytics PDOA
C. InfoSphere Streams, Spark, and BigR
D. PureData forAnalytics and SPSS

Answer: D