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'C2070-585 Dumps'

C2070-585 Dumps

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C2070-585 Dumps | What is the Taskmaster Web

Question: 5

What is the Taskmaster Web?

A. never runs batch verification rules.
B. has the sole responsibility to run batch verification rules.
C. supports browser-based Taskmaster clients including the ability to perform ISIS scanning.
D. supports browser-based Taskmaster clients, and does not require any additional downloads.

Answer: D

C2070-585 Dumps | Which operating system does

Question: 4

Which operating system does Datacap support?

B. iOS
C. Linux
D. Microsoft Windows

Answer: D

C2070-585 Braindumps | When a Deployment Professional is…

Questions : 3

When a Deployment Professional is testing an application in Datacap Studio, which of the step through buttons allows the Deployment Professional to run through each action within a function in turn?

A. Step In
B. Step Out
C. Step Over
D. Step Through

Answer: A

C2070-585 | What is the Taskmaster Server…

Question: 2

What is the Taskmaster Server?

A.a Server that client applications use to create tasks. of many Datacap applications that access the admin and engine databases.
C.a Windows service which controls authentication, database access, and batch processing.
D.a Windows service which controls authentication, database access, and the creation of tasks.

Answer: C

C2070-585 | What tool would a Deployment Professional…

Question: 1

What tool would a Deployment Professional use to configure Rulerunner Enterprise (aka Quattro) background tasks?

A.Datacap Studio
B.Rulerunner Manager
C.Taskmaster Server Manager
D.Taskmaster Application Manager

Answer: B