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'C2090-012 Questions Answers'

C2090-012 Dumps

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C2090-012 Test Question | Which fields are created…

Questions: 4

Which fields are created by this Derive dialog?

A. Three fields representing the difference between Travel-1 and each of the other Travel fields
B. No operation will be performed because the expression is invalid.
C. Four fields representing the difference in weeks between AcclEst and each of the Travel fields
D. A field representing the difference between AcctEst and the global @FIELD value

Answer: C

C2090-012 | Which node can be used to easily generate…

Question: 3

Which node can be used to easily generate a field that divides the data into subsamples for the Training and Testing stages of modeling?

A. Sample
B. Filler
C. Balance
D. Partition

Answer: D

C2090-012 | How many phases are in the CRISP…

Question: 2

How many phases are in the CRISP-DM Process Methodology?

A. Four
B. Five
C. Six
D. Seven

Answer: C

C2090-012 | A prison system has historical data on prison inmates…

Question: 1

A prison system has historical data on prison inmates and wants to find what factors are related to recidivism (return to prison). What type of model would be used?

A. Segmentation model
B. Classification model
C. Association model
D. Anomaly model

Answer: B