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C2090-136 | Which IBM storage solution provides capabilities…

Question: 5

Which IBM storage solution provides capabilities for improving data economics in an analytics environment based on these criteria?

  • Self-tuning and always optimized
  • Consistently delivenng high performance
  • Highly scalable storage services for a wide range of dynamic workloads
  • Self-healing
  • Providing support for data at rest encryption

A. IBM FlashSystem
B. IBMStorwizeV7000
C. IBM XIV Storage System
D. IBM SAN Volume Controller

Answer: D

C2090-136 | Using Brewer’s CAP theorem as a guide for choosing between…

Question: 4

Using Brewer’s CAP theorem as a guide for choosing between alternative data storage technologies, which two distributed system properties does Apache HBase (part of Hadoop) guarantee?

A. Consistency – all nodes see the same data at the same time.
B. Concurrency control – correct results for concurrent operations.
C. Atomicity – if one part of a transaction fails, the entire transaction fails.
D. Partition tolerance – the system continues to operate despite arbitrary message loss.
E. Availability – every request receives a response about whether it was successful or failed

Answer: A,C

C2090-136 | Which two processes transform unstructured…

Question: 3

Which two processes transform unstructured data into structured data?

A. text mining
B. text analytics
C. temporal filtering
D. cognitive computing
E. predictive data modeling

Answer: B,D

C2090-136 | This individual is responsible for defining…

Question: 2

This individual is responsible for defining, developing, and implementing the strategy and methods by which the organization acquires, manages, analyzes, and governs data. Which role does this define Within Big Data and Analytics?

A. Data Scientist
B. Business Analyst
C. Chief Data Officer
D. Analytic Consumer

Answer: B

C2090-136 | A customer is concerned about…

Question: 1

A customer is concerned about the vast amount of data they receive. They do not know the value of the data, but they want a cost efficient way to capture the data for further analysis. What is this scenario an example of in big data?

A. Archive
B. Landing
C. Caching
D. Exploration

Answer: D