C2090-136 | Which IBM storage solution provides capabilities…

Question: 5

Which IBM storage solution provides capabilities for improving data economics in an analytics environment based on these criteria?

  • Self-tuning and always optimized
  • Consistently delivenng high performance
  • Highly scalable storage services for a wide range of dynamic workloads
  • Self-healing
  • Providing support for data at rest encryption

A. IBM FlashSystem
B. IBMStorwizeV7000
C. IBM XIV Storage System
D. IBM SAN Volume Controller

Answer: D

C2090-136 | Using Brewer’s CAP theorem as a guide for choosing between…

Question: 4

Using Brewer’s CAP theorem as a guide for choosing between alternative data storage technologies, which two distributed system properties does Apache HBase (part of Hadoop) guarantee?

A. Consistency – all nodes see the same data at the same time.
B. Concurrency control – correct results for concurrent operations.
C. Atomicity – if one part of a transaction fails, the entire transaction fails.
D. Partition tolerance – the system continues to operate despite arbitrary message loss.
E. Availability – every request receives a response about whether it was successful or failed

Answer: A,C