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'C2150-606 Exam Dumps'

C2150-606 Dumps

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C2150-606 Exam Dumps | A Guardium administrator needs

Question : 5

A Guardium administrator needs to install and configure a physical appliance to ensure network redundancy. Which port should the administrator use to configure IP teaming (bonding)?

A. eth1 only
B. eth2 only
C. eth3 only
D. any port

Answer: D

C2150-606 Braindumps | Guardium reports are showing multiple…

Questions: 3

Guardium reports are showing multiple records with client ip as Users are unable to identify which client the connections came from. The Guardium
administrator has identified that the databases are using encryption.

Which column can the administrator add that would help users to better identify the client?

A. Client OS
B. Client MAC
C. Access ID
D. Analyzed Client IP

Answer: B

2150-606 Practice Test | A Guardium administrator manages an…

Questions: 3

A Guardium administrator manages an environment containing four standalone Collectors. The administrator has been asked to provide a weekly report showing all Data Manipulation Language (DML) SQL statements performed by all database administrators on all databases. The administrator does not want to run the report on each Collector. What should the administrator do to simplify this task and run the report in only one place every week?

A. Replace the 4 Collectors with one Aggregator.
B. Create an Enterprise Report on one Collector combining the data.
C. Add a Guardium Aggregator to the environment. Create and run the report on the Aggregator.
D. Install a Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on each Database Server. Configure the CAS Client to send data to a Collector. Create and run the report on the Collector.

Answer: C

C2150-606 | In a centrally managed environment, while executing the report…

Question: 2

In a centrally managed environment, while executing the report ‘Enterprise Buffer Usage Monitor’, a Guardium administrator gets an empty report. Why is the report empty?

A. Sniffers are not running on the Collectors.
B. The report is not executed with a remote source on the Collector.
C. The report is not executed with a remote source on the Aggregator.
D. Correct custom table upload is not scheduled on the Central Manager.

Answer: C

C2150-606 | A Guardium administrator must configure a policy…

Question: 1

A Guardium administrator must configure a policy to ignore all traffic from an application with a known client IP. Due to the high amount of traffic from this application, performance of the S-TAP and sniffer is a concern. What action should the administrator use in the rule?

A. Ignore Session
B. ignore S-TAP Session
C. ignore SQL per Session
D. ignore Responses per Session

Answer: B