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'C2180-410 Practice Test Questions Answers'

C2180-410 Practice Test | IBM MQ for z/OS recovery…

Questions: 2

IBM MQ for z/OS recovery routines experienced an issue which resulted in an X’5C6″ abend.
What type of dump needs to be investigated by the system administrator if no dump location has been specified by JCL?

B. Snap
C. Stand-alone

Answer: A

C2180-410 Exam Questions Dumps | An application using the WebSphere…

Questions: 1

An application using the WebSphere MQ classes for JMS encountered an error. A First Failure Support Technology (FFST) file has been created named JMS0001.FDC. Which default directory should the system administrator review?

A. /var/mqm/errors
B. /var/mqm/errors/FFDC
C. /var/mqm/qmgrs/QMGRNAME/errors/FFDC
D. current application working directory/FFDC

Answer: B