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C4040-251 Test Dumps | How can system software charges be

Question : 4

How can system software charges be reduced when migrating from POWER6 to a POWER8 Scale-out server?

A. Only activate the necessary cores.
B. Select the per-socket licensing model.
C. Configure the system with POWER8 Dual-Core Modules (DCM)
D. Disable all un-needed cores with Processor Deconfiguration.

Answer: D

C4040-251 Test Questions Answer | A customer has a 4-node…

Questions: 3

A customer has a 4-node cluster serving a few different applications. The storage requirements are not clearly defined and would be very unpredictable.

How would shared storage pools benefit this customer?

A. They reduce the total required storage by half.
B. They eliminate the need for multiple repository disks.
C. They reduce I/O bandwidth by sharing the LUNs.
D. They reduce the time and effort needed to allocate storage.

Answer: C

C4040-251 Dumps Questions | A customer wants to save

Questions: 2

A customer wants to save on IBM i licensing costs:

– They have three configurable processors and one IBM i license.
– LPAR1 is running IBM i with .5 CPU
– LPAR2 is running IBM i with .5 CPU
– LPAR3 is running AIX with 1 CPU
– All of the LPARs are uncapped.
– They want to limit the IBM i LPARs to using one core.

How can the customer enforce the limit and save on their IBM i licensing costs?

A. Put the IBM i LPARs in a shared processor pool with one core.
B. Put the AIX LPAR in a shared processor pool with one core.
C. Set the entitlement of each IBM i LPAR to “one”
D. Change the AIX partition to have .5 CPU entitlement.

Answer: C

C4040-251 Test Dumps | What is a characteristic of…

Questions: 1

What is a characteristic of virtualizing workloads?

A. Processors are virtualized per core.
B. Greater virtualization reduces the cost of workloads.
C. Resources must be shared or dedicated.
D. Greater virtualization increases the cost of computing

Answer: C