C9010-260 | Performance monitoring is needed for a managed…

Question: 2

Performance monitoring is needed for a managed system containing multiple AIX7 LPARs. Which action enables historical data capture for the managed system?

A. Implement IBM Systems Director StandardEdition.
B. Run snap data collections periodically.
C. Configure the trace facility to capture details on system activity.
D. Configure NMON to collect interval-based performance data.

Answer: D

C9010-260 | A customer would like to know if they…

Question: 2

A customer would like to know if they can move a PCI-X Ethernet adapter from their existing 8233-E8B Power 750 server to a new POWER8 processor-based Power System that they plan to purchase by the end of the quarter. What is the appropriate response that should be provided to the customer?

A. PCI-X adapters are not supported on POWER8.
B. PCI-X adapters are only supported on POWER8 in a #5802 or #5877 I/O drawer.
C. PCI-X adapters are supported in POWER 750 in the two integrated PCI-X Gen3 slots.
D. PCI-X adapters are supported on POWER8 with AIX Enterprise Edition.

Answer: C