C9020-668 | What is the complete source of information…

Question: 5

What is the complete source of information for power, cooling, and floor space requirements for IBM tape products?

A. Preinstall TDA checklist
B. Product announcement letters
C. Installation and Planning Guide
D. IBM Storage System Interoperation Center

Answer: A


The Technical Delivery Assessment (TDA) pre-installation checklist and worksheets document provides several worksheets that the customer must complete for each XIV system.

C9020-668 | A mainframe customer us considering moving…

Question: 4

A mainframe customer us considering moving from a native tape environment to a virtualized environment across two sites. A study has shown that it needs more than one IBM TS7700 at each site for performance and capacity reasons. What is the benefit of using IBM TS7700 hybrid grid?

A. It allows the customer to write data to the optimal storage hardware for each workload type.
B. It allows clusters to connect using both FC and IP networks.
C. It provides double the number of logical volumes.
D. It permits a combination of IBM TS1130 and IBM TS1140 drives in one cluster.

Answer: A


All TS7700 models can coexist in a grid. If only a disk and a tape-attached model are combined, that configuration is called a hybrid grid.

C9020-668 | A customer is refreshing a 300 TB multi…

Question: 3

A customer is refreshing a 300 TB multi-vendor storage environment with an IBM Storwize
V7000 and needs all the storage advanced functionality features such as remote mirroring,
thin provisioning and Easy Tier. The customer also requires capability for storage
provisioning, VMware vCenter APIs, and performance monitoring.
Which product should the technical specialist recommend?

A. IBM Virtual Storage Center
B. IBM Spectrum Protect Suite
C. IBM Spectrum Control Advanced Edition
D. IBM Storwize V7000 full bundle

Answer: D


IBM Storwize V7000 provides the following benefits:

Note: The IBM Storage Management Console for VMware vCenter is a software plug-in that integrates into the VMware vCenter server platform. It enables VMware administrators to independently and centrally manage their storage resources on IBM storage systems.
These resources include SVC, Storwize V7000, Storwize V3700, among other IBM storage systems.