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C9060-518 Dumps

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C9060-518 | What does the prepare command do…

Question: 5

What does the prepare command do?

A. prepares tapes so they can be checked in as scratch volumes
B. starts the database recovery process
C. generates the Disaster Recovery plan file
D. mounts volumes required for database restore

Answer: C

C9060-518 | What does the QUERY REPLNODE…

Question: 4

What does the QUERY REPLNODE command display?

A. the number of files not protected by node replication
B. the number of NAS backup files stored for each replicated node
C. the number of bytes stored for each replicated file space
D. the number of files that are stored for each replicated file space

Answer: D

C9060-518 | A lower refresh interval updates the Operations Center…

Question: 3

A lower refresh interval updates the Operations Center information more frequently, but increases the requirement for which type of space?

A. storage pool
B. active log
C. database
D. error log

Answer: A

C9060-518 | How is simultaneous write configured…

Question: 2

How is simultaneous write configured?

A. AUTOCOPY parameter with DEFAULT
B. AUTOCOPY parameter with NEVER
C. AUTOCOPY parameter with MIGRATION

Answer: D

C9060-518 | Which interface allows the health…

Question: 1

Which interface allows the health of the overall IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V7.1.1 enterprise to be displayed at a glance?

A. the TSM Health Check Reporter
B. the TSM Web Client
C. the TSM Operations Center
D. the TSM Backup-Archive GUI

Answer: B