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'M2150-709 Questions Answers'

M2150-709 Dumps

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Exam Title

Test M2150-709: IBM Security Systems Sales Mastery Test v3

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Mar 31 2015. The Replacement test is M2150-768 - IBM Security Sales Mastery Test v4 Test information: Test information:
Number of questions: 49
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 79%
Languages: English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish Castilian

This test is valid for TM1 v10.1 and TM1 v10.2.
Evaluate and Establish Customer Environment and Plans (37%)
Apply Product Information (45%)
Installation Planning / Migration Considerations (12%)
Installation and Post Installation Support (6%)
Tape Products and Storage Management (32%)

M2150-709 Questions Answers | Which are the typical business benefits that

Question : 5

Which are the typical business benefits that customer receive when using Guardium (or Database activity monitoring?

A. Monitor transactions without changes to the applications involved
B. Log all activities (or users with root or administrative privileges
C. Secure audit trails so they cannot be altered
D. All of the above

Answer: D

M2150-709 Braindumps Questions | Which product is used to…

Questions : 4

Which product is used to manage both IBM Security Network IPS and IBM Security Network Protection products?

A. IBM Security SiteProtector
B. SiteMinder
C. X-Force
D. All of the above

Answer: A

M2150-709 | When touting QRadar and its abilities to help…

Question: 3

When touting QRadar and its abilities to help customers address advanced threats, which 2 points are the best ones to highlight?

A. QRadar’s NSS ratings and its open architecture enable the best defense for “low and slow” attacks.
B. QRadar is integrated with the full set of AppScan products and with the full set of Guardium solutions, thereby covering application and database advanced threats, which are the most prevalent types of advanced threats.
C. QRadar works well with IBM’s network protection and intrusion prevention offerings, and QRadar benefits from regular Security Intelligence feeds from IBM’s X-Force R and D team.
D. QRadar is Opensource technology, meaning any of the best minds in the world can make technical contributions to make it better. And because of this, many of the hackers who are developing advanced threats can also contribute technologies/code to defend.

Answer: C

M2150-709 | Which of these attack vectors…

Question: 2

Which of these attack vectors is something Trusteer does not address at this time?

A. Malware
B. Phishing
C. Denial of Service
D. Account Takeover

Answer: C

M2150-709|What is the key to the significant time and money efficiencies

Question: 1

What is the key to the significant time and money efficiencies that IBM Security Identity Manager (formerly Tivoli Identity Manager or TIM) is able to afford customers?

A. Quick install and time to operation
B. Support for a large number of target environments.
C. Assignment of users to roles and provisioning policies based on roles rather than individual users.
D. Graphical user interface that’s far superior to the competition.

Answer: C