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C1000-003 Answers


What command is used to globally install the Mobile Foundation CLI from the command prompt without first downloading it?

A.npm install mfpdev-cli
B.npm install -g mfpdev-cli
C.node install -g mfpdev-cli
D.npm install -g path-to-cli-.tgz-file



What type of data is contained in the value of the _id of a JSONStore Document?

A.A user defined unique integer
B.A user defined alpha-numeric key
C.An automatically generated unique integer
D.An automatically generated hash-identifier



How does a Mobile Foundation application developer deploy a Java adapter with Maven?

A.mvn adapter deploy
B.mvn adapter:deploy
C.mvn install adapter
D.mvn install adapter deploy



Which statement is true regarding sending notifications using IBM Mobile Foundation?

A.Only iOS and Android types of device are supported.
B.The notifications are sent from the Mobile Foundation Server directly to the devices.
C.The Mobile Foundation Operations Console allows both SMS and push notifications to be sent.
D.Push notification can be sent either from the Mobile Foundation Operations Console or via REST APIs.


Question: 5

What command can a developer use to preview a Cordova application’s web resources in a browser?

A.mfpdev app preview
B.mfpdev app config --preview
C.mfpdev preview
D.mfpdev preview




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