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Which two of the following are valid targets for the server-side build command?




You have two structs, StructA and StructB, StuctA contains an attribute called att1 of type MYDOMAIN1. based on SVR_INTS4 StructB contains an attribute called att1 of type MYDOMAIN2. based on SVR_STRING. What happens when the assignment statement struct

A.assign(structB) is executed?
A.It auto casts structA's attribute data types to match that of structB.
B.It auto casts structB's attribute data types to match that of structA.
C.It will throw a cast error
D.lt will throw error "assign method cannot have arguments"


Question: 3

Customization of out-of-the-box (OOTB) artifacts is implemented in IBM Curam SPM by overriding  OOTB artifacts with custom ones or by merging OOTB artifacts with custom ones. Which two artifact types are customized by merging?



Question: 4

Suppose that you created a new Process class in your model and performed a build generated command. What do you need to do next?

Implement the methods in the generated impl version of the class.
B.Copy the generated impl class from the build/svr/genftemp folder into the impl package.
C.Implement the modeled methods in the base class.
D.Create a new class in the impl package.

Answer: D


Which two statements about customizing a client page are true?

A.The custom page can have a different name to the page that you are customizing.
B.You can make the changes directly to the out-of-the-box UIM or VIM file.
C.Do not change the name of the page.
D.The generator will ensure that the UIM file in the component with the lowest priority is the one that will be used.
E.Copy the UIM or VIM file to a custom folder and make all changes to the copied file.


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