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Question No : 1

Which type of cursor is used with the WHERE CURRENT OF statement?
A. scroll cursor
B. update cursor
C. non-scrolling cursor

Answer: B

Question No : 2

What is the WHERE CURRENT OF statement used for?
A. to select a row based on a time
B. to update or delete a row pointed to by a cursor
C. to update or delete a row which was just selected with a SELECT statement
D. to fetch a row through a cursor based on the primary key or another cursor

Answer: B

Question No : 3

Which syntax is valid with a non-scrolling cursor?

Answer: A

Question No : 4

How is the INSTRUCTIONS section of the form used to create screen arrays?
A. by declaring a screen array with the key words SCREEN ARRAY
B. by referencing the program array in the SCREEN RECORD statement
C. by declaring the program array being referenced with the SCREEN ARRAY statement
D. by adding the number of elements in the array after the SCREEN RECORD name in brackets

Answer: D

Question No : 5

The end users at your client site require the ability to enter purchase orders online.
Managementhas agreed to allow the users to perform this function, but with some
restrictions. End users willbe classified as one of three categories: - associates –
management - executive managementEach category of employee will have the following
limits on the amount of the purchase orderthey are allowed to enter: - Associates $200 -
Management $2500 - Executive managementUNLIMITED Given the following table
structures and relationship: Create table usertype (Usertype_codeCHAR(1) PRIMARY
KEY, Usertype_descVARCHAR(50), Usertype_amtMONEY);Create table po_users
(Userlogin CHAR(8) PRIMARY KEY. Usertype_codeCHAR(1)REFERENCES usertype);
Which two functions must be created to determine the maximumpurchase order amount
that a user is authorized to enter? (Choose two.)
A. function to obtain the login of the user
B. function to obtain the usertype_amt for the user
C. function to obtain the login ID and group of the user
D. function to obtain the personal profile set-up by the user

Answer: A,B

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