C2150-614 Question 3

A Deployment Professional has created a new Building Block (BB), and it’s not returning any expected events. The Deployment Professional has checked to ensure the BB is enabled and active. No errors are returned. What should be done to correct this BB problem?

A. Add your new custom BB to the “System: Load Building Blocks” rule
B. Ensure that the BB has been set to “use” and a Deploy Full Configuration was done
C. Make sure that you use “Global System” so that all of the QRadar deployment uses it
D. Manually enter in all QID’s of the events it till monitor so it will automatically be used

Answer: A


Note: Question Will a building block of type: Common work when added to ‘System: Load Building Blocks’?


The rule, System: Load Building Blocks is an Event only rule. If a building block is created from Type:
Common, which includes both Events and Flows, and is then added to the System:
Load Building Blocks rule, it will load, but will only reflect Event offenses and not Flow offenses. Flow offenses can be triggered when using Flow rules, which are then bound to the building block used in a Flow rule.

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