C2150-614 Question 5

A customer has existing complex network infrastructure with many redundant links and the IP packets are taking different paths for inbound and outbound traffic. A Deployment Professional needs to configure SFlow. What should be configured in IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.7 to support this specific case?

A. Enable flow forwarding
B. Disable flow forwarding
C. Enable asymmetric flows
D. Disable symmetric flows

Answer: C


In some networks, traffic is configured to take alternate paths for inbound and outbound traffic. This routing is called asymmetric routing. However, if you want to combine flows from multiple QRadar QFlow Collector components, you must configure flow sources in the Asymmetric Flow Source Interface(s) parameter in the QRadar QFlow Collector configuration. The Yes option enables the QRadar QFlow Collector to recombine asymmetric flows. The No option prevents the QRadar QFlow Collector from recombining asymmetric flows.

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