C9510-401 Test Dumps

C9510-401 Dumps

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Question No : 1

A system administrator has added a server cluster as a member of a service integration bus (SIB). The administrator needs to configure one messaging engine for each server in this cluster and to have a failover location for each messaging engine. What should the administrator do to achieve the required design?
A. Configure a new messaging engine in each server to support failover.
B. Configure the data store for each messaging engine for each server in the cluster.
C. Select scalability with high availability as the messaging engine policy.
D. Create a core group policy to restrict each messaging engine to a particular server.

Answer: C

Question No : 2

An organization updated their LDAP directories and modified user roles. The roles that were configured to have access to a highly secured enterprise application were deleted and new roles with new names were created. The application then had security related exceptions. How can a syste administrator resolve the exceptions and restore security for the application?
A. Modify the mapping of security roles of the application to the new LDAP roles.
B. Modify the application and remove all security constraints and redeploy the application.
C. Modify the application to have a runAs role for each new LDAP role and redeploy the application.
D. Create an administrative authorization group with administrator privileges scoped for the application with an administrative group role for the new LDAP roles.

Answer: A

Question No : 3

A system administrator completed a WebSphere Application Server installation by using the Installation Manager. During installation, all defaults were selected for the installation root directories and the shared resources directory. Over time, the administrator has updated the installation with various interim fixes and fix packs. The administrator notices that the shared resources directory is very large in size and grows larger each time the Installation Manager is run. How can the administrator decrease the size and remove some of the content from the shared resources directory?
A. Manually delete content from the directory.
B. During an update, create a new shared resources directory.
C. Clear the Delete Saved Files option for the Installation Manager.
D. Set the preserveDownloadedArtifacts preference to false.

Answer: D

Question No : 4

A system administrator has deployed an application. The development team has updated a new version of this application. The administrator needs to immediately deploy this updated application and guarantee that only this new edition is used by clients and that any service requests for the application are queued during the deployment of the new application. How can the administrator achieve this task without any downtime to the application?
A. Perform a soft rollout.
B. Perform a hard rollout.
C. Perform an atomic rollout.
D. Perform a concurrent activation rollout.

Answer: C

Question No : 5

A system administrator has created a Python script called globalScript. py. What should the administrator do to ensure globalScript. py is loaded when the wsadmin shell is used?
A. Compile globalScript.py to a Java class in the bin directory.
B. Invoke wsadmin with the argument-profileName globalScript.py.
C. Modify the configureCustomProperty script to import globalScript. py.
D. Set the script profiles in the wsadmin.properties file to load globalScript .py.

Answer: D

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