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C2010-825 Test Dumps

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C2010-825  Practice Test:


An administrator is designing the representation of the following:
1) which team is responsible for work items
2) in which build the defects were discovered
3) the timeframe for the work item to be completed Which of the following shows thecorrect relationships?

A.Categories: Found In Releases: Planned For Iterations: Filed Against
B.Team Areas: Planned For Releases: Filed Against Iterations: Found In
C.Categories: Filed Against Releases: Found In Iterations: Planned For
D.Team Areas: Filed Against Releases: Planned For Iterations: Found In



What build related activities can a user accomplish using the RTC web client?
A.Define build scripts
B.Administer build engines
C.Request builds and monitor status
D.Create and modify build definitions



A project has both new development and maintenance work, each with their own
schedule. The scrum master has organized the project area into development and
maintenance team areas. The scrum master wants to keep the work effort and planning
for both teams separate. Which of the below can be defined to facilitate this?

A.Cross-project plans for both teams.
B.A timeline and iteration for each team.
C.Sprint plans that match the team areas and categories.
D.Divide the release backlog into corresponding team ownership.



A project manager asks the administrator to restrict user access to the project area to
only people on the project. Where would the administrator go in order to modify this?

A.Access Groups
B.Operational Behaviors
C.Team Area Permissions
D.Project Area Access Control



A development has organized the source code into components and found that there is a
strong dependency or containment relationship between two of the components.
What action could the development team take to establish this relationship?

A.Take a baseline of both components.
B.Update both component's Properties view.
C.Utilize a work item to link both components.
D.Create the Child component as a subcomponent of the parent.

Answer: B





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