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C2010-571 Dumps

C2010-571 Dumps

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Where are General Ledger accounts created?

A. Finance application
B. Logging application
C. Work Entry application
D. Chart of Accounts application

Answer: D

The Conditional Expression Manager is accessed through which system module?

A. Security
B. Integration
C. Administration
D. System Configuration

Answer: C

What task must be performed as part of initial data entry?

A. Create Tool
B. Create Craft
C. Create Order
D. Create Organization

Answer: D

When uninstalling an IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler agent from a Windows computer, the to wsinst command is run using which option?

A. Java
B. Python
C. Windows PowerShell
D. Windows Visual Basic Script

Answer: A

Where can the mxe.db.fetchsize property be changed?

A. Logging application
B. Logging.properties file
C. Mxserver.properties file
D. System Properties application

Answer: D

Where is the attached documents location defined when using IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM HTTP Server?

A. web.xml file
B. httpd.conf file
C. plugin.conf file
D. application.xml file

Answer: B

What is the main purpose of a cron task?

A. To set up the workflow clock
B. To run scheduled jobs or tasks
C. To synchronize the scheduled jobs with the current job plans
D. To synchronize the Currency application with the Exchange Ratio variable

Answer: B

How are the new settings for the log level refreshed and applied?

A. Restart the Web server
B. Log out completely and then log in again
C. Log in as MAXADMIN and restart the log service
D. Perform the Apply Settings action in the Logging application

Answer: D

Where is Application Server security enabled?

A. Security application
B. Maximo.properties file
C. Mxserver.properties file
D. System Configuration application

Answer: B

Which statement is true about asynchronous data validation?

A. Data in a field is immediately validated when a user moves off of the field.
B. Background validation is required to be active when a screen reader is being used.
C. To be used, asynchronous data validation must be enabled for all fields of an application.
D. To enable asynchronous data validation for all applications, add the statement ASYNCHRONOUS = `Y’ to the PRESENTATIONXML file.

Answer: A

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