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C2010-595 Exam Dumps

C2010-595 Dumps

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Test C2010-517: IBM Workload Automation V9.2 Implementation

Test information: Number of questions: 46
Time allowed in minutes: 75
Required passing score: 67%
Test languages: English, Japanese
Section 1:Asset Management Given a set of failure classes, create a failure hierarchy by defining the problems, causes, and remedies and associating a failure class with an asset so that asset failures can be tracked. With emphasis on performing the following tasks: Create a failure class. Classroom Course Course title: IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5 Fundamentals
Course duration: 4.0 Days
Course number: TR571
Certification check list - important list of steps for certification
Test preparation - description of the various learning activites to prepare for test taking
Test registration - process description and links for test registration
lObtaining your certification marks
Related certifications: IBM Certified Associate - Maximo Asset Management V7.5
Self-Paced Virtual Classroom IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5 Fundamentals (SPVC)

When would an approved purchase order (PO) need to be revised?

A. change of status
B. change to an internal PO
C. changes to quantity of items ordered
D. cancellation of a PO after goods are received

Answer : A

A list of 300 new pieces of non-rotating assets need to be quickly added into a system. In addition to adding each of these new records, each piece of equipment must be given its own sequential asset number. What application should be used to do this?

C.Item Master
D.Asset Templates

Answer : D

How can a rotating asset be returned to a storeroom?

A. use the Inventory Application
B. use the Storerooms Application
C. use the Inventory Usage Application
D. use the Shipment Receiving Application

Answer : A

Which statement is true when working with condition codes?

A. Only one condition code can be used per item set.
B. Condition codes are not considered when an item is issued.
C. A condition rate of 100% must exist for at least one condition code.
D. Condition codes can only be associated with an item in the Item Master application.

Answer : C

A company has five sites within one organization in their system. They want to activate automatic generation of work orders for three of their sites. Which option can help to achieve this?

A. Work Orders are automatically generated for each active site.
B. From the Preventive Maintenance application select Generate Work Orders for all Sites.
C. Preventive maintenance options must be set up to auto-generate work orders at the site level.
D. Preventive maintenance options must be set up to auto-generate work orders at the organization level.

Answer : D

Job plans can be applied to which three items?

A. Routes
B. Safety Plans
C. Work Orders
D. Asset Records
E. Purchase Orders
F. Preventive Maintenance Records

Answer : A,C,F

What are the three components that are used to construct a failure hierarchy within a failure class?

A. Fixes
B. Causes
C. Incidents
D. Problems
E. Remedies
F. Corrections

Answer : BDE

What if the projected forecast date for a preventive maintenance (PM) record occurs in an inactive season?

A. The active season dates should be modified.
B. The inactive season dates should be modified.
C. The PM record is forecasted on the latest date in the next active season.
D. The PM record is forecasted on the earliest date in the next active season.

Answer : D

What is the purpose of a Service Level Agreement?

A. to determine a vendor’s lead time
B. to put a service request into workflow
C. to escalate a high priority service request
D. to document the commitment between service providers and customers

Answer : D

A meter has been defined to observe the oil color on an asset to monitor its condition.Which meter type was used to accomplish this?

A. Group meter
B. Gauge meter
C. Continuous meter
D. Characteristic meter

Answer : D

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