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What are IBM Notes 9.0 users able to do with the snippets feature?

A. Create snippets of text from a sidebar widget.
B. Cut snippets of text based on a selection formula.
C. Copy snippets of selected text to a new mail message.
D. See the first 100 characters of a message by hovering over the message.

Answer: D

What widget type can provide advanced features such as using APIs, OAuth, and rendering in an embedded experience?

A. Java
B. Notes
C. Social
D. OpenSocial

Answer: D

Where would an administrator set the option to push out new client preference parameters?

A. Global settings policy, Custom Client Preferences tab
B. Server Configuration document, Client Preferences tab
C. Custom policy settings document, Custom Settings > Notes.ini tab
D. Desktop policy settings document, Custom Settings > Notes.ini tab

Answer: D

Which component could be used to automate the deployment of an NSX environment?

A. A Cloud Management Platform (CMP).
B. The NSX Controller.
C. The NSX Manager.
D. The vSphere Distributed Switch wizard.

Answer: A

A user has been experiencing problems with the IBM Notes Browser Plug-in. What can be done to collect NSD data about the Notes Browser Plug-in issues?

A. Select “Collect Support Data” from the Help > Support menu in the Notes Basic client.
B. Select “Collect Support Data” from the Tools > Support menu in the Notes Browser Plug-in.
C. Select “Collect IBM Notes diagnostic data” from the IBM Applications > Support folder in the Windows Start menu.
D. Select “Collect IBM Notes Browser Plug-in diagnostic data” from the Help > Support menu in the Notes Standard client.

Answer: C

Where is the document located that the administrator creates to manage security between the IBM Notes client and the IBM Domino server running Shindig?

A. Domino Directory > People > Policies > Settings – Add Settings
B. Domino Directory > People > Policies > Accounts – Add Account
C. Domino Directory > Configuration > Security > Certificates – Add Certifier
D. Domino Directory > Configuration > Servers > Configurations – Add Configuration

Answer: B

What does the notes.ini parameter iNotes_WA_strictWidgetFilter do?

A. It only effects the category installation of widgets.
B. It only effects the drag-and-drop installation of a widget.
C. It controls whether the filtering of widgets during category installation is strict or not strict.
D. It checks the “Platform” field list of the widget then installs the widget on the IBM Notes client.

Answer: C

Using the Linked Files feature when integration between IBM iNotes 9.0 and IBM Connections Files is enabled, Nancy wants to send a file to a private group with 300 users. Which true statement will prevent Nancy from sending her file?

A. Linked files are not supported for private groups.
B. Linked files are supported for up to 20 recipients.
C. Linked files are not supported if DAOS has been enabled.
D. Linked files are recommended for use when the number of recipients is less than 100 users.

Answer: D

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