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C2090-102 Dumps

C2090-102 Dumps

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SPSS and BigInsights integration is enabled by which of the following?

A. SPSS Analytic Server
B. InfoSphere DataStage
C. SPSS Modeler
D. SPSS Collaboration & Deployment Services

Answer: A

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding cloud based solutions?

A. In a Platform as a Service Cloud deployment, the customer chooses the operating system they want to use
B. Automated recovery from hardware or network failures is not possible in a public cloud implementation, only in a private clouds
C. There are benefits to use the cloud even for small-scale applications
D. Using firewalls to create network boundaries is sufficient for ensuring cloud security

Answer: C

Which of the following is true about Cloudant?

A. It is a byte-value store
B. It is available as a database-as-a-service (DBaaS)
C. It runs remotely in the cloud and not on a local system
D. It offers SQL access to data

Answer: B

As data architect, understanding where patient data resides, how is it related, and how you define security and privacy policies requires knowledge of each of the following?

A. PII Data
B. HIPAA Requirements
C. Privacy by design
D. Data storage in HDFS

Answer: B

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you are tasked with creating a solution to harness the big data to better understand customer sentiments around your client’s product. In order to develop a solution, you want to select the software components that are going to provide the most compatibility with new open source components. In addition to Hadoop and any other software components you may need, which one of the following would you select that is part of the initial release of the Open Data Platform (ODP)?

A. Spark
B. Ambari
C. Hive
D. HBase

Answer: B

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