C2040-402 Braindumps | Which statement about the IBM

Question : 9

Which statement about the IBM Connections database wizard is true?

A. Besides creating Connections databases, it can also upgrade IBM DB2 to the latest version, provided the install files are located on the same file system.
B. Besides creating Connections databases, it can also be used to migrate from one database server to another.
C. Connections databases can be created locally as well as remotely.
D. It can only be used to create, update and remove Connections databases.

Answer: D

C2040-402 Braindumps | When installing IBM Connections Mail

Question : 8

When installing IBM Connections Mail, which statement about its configuration for Microsoft Exchange is true?

A. Use Kerberos authentication to configure both server-side and desktop SSO.
B. Email addresses for Exchange can be provided either in Microsoft Active Directory or in Connections LDAP directory.
C. Use SPNEGO to configure SSO between Connections Mail and Exchange.
D. The Exchange server must be configured to use Connections Web Service.

Answer: C

C2010-515 Study Guide | Which statement is true regarding

Question : 12

Which statement is true regarding historical data?

A. The history data collection settings only apply to long-term (indefinite) reporting.
B. By default the historical data is automatically posted to the Tivoli Data Warehouse.
C. Data collection is configured through the History Collection Configuration feature in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal.
D. The Warehouse Summarization and Pruning agent is used to collect the information that is stored in the data warehouse.

Answer: C