C5050-408 Test Questions | An application developer wants to…

Questions : 11

An application developer wants to protect their application against specific malware and repackaging attacks by implementing application authenticity testing via the console. Per the requirements, the developer wishes to implement a check where the Worklight Server will test the authenticity of an application. If the application fails the authenticity check, the Worklight Server will output a message to the log containing relevant information, but the application will still run as expected.
Which type of application authenticity should the application developer implement via the console with the above requirements?

A. Enabled, logging
B. Enabled, blocking
C. Enabled, notifying
D. Enabled, servicing

Answer: D

C5050-408 Practice Test | An application developer has…

Question : 3

An application developer has created a Worklight Adapter that retrieves data from a remote RSS feed and returns the results. The developer is not seeing the expected results in the browser. The developer decides to add debug logging to the code in order to determine why the expected results are not seen.

Where can the application developer locate the output from the debug logging?

In the:

A. server console of Eclipse.
B. Worklight DevTools extension for the Chrome browser.
C. Worklight Server’s First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) log.
D. web browser by setting a breakpoint after the adapter call to inspect the result.

Answer: B