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C9010-030 Exam Dumps | What is an advantage of using

Question : 5

What is an advantage of using the SAVLICPGM command?

A. The base and all optional components are included by default.
B. The objects related to the LPPs in libraries QGPL and QUSRSYS are included in the save.
C. The PTFs for the LPPs being saved are included.
D. The PTFs on the system saving the LPPs are removed.

Answer: C

C9010-030 Exam Dumps | When creating a new journal

Question: 4

When creating a new journal environment, what allows for a significant performance increase if a program makes a large number of changes to a journaled file?

A. Create journal QDFTJRN in library QSYS and set Performance to *HIGH.
B. Change Journal Cache to *YES on the journal.
C. Change file attributes of the journaled file to allow journal caching.
D. Set Journal Performance to *HIGH on the journal.

Answer: B

C9010-030 Questions Answer | Which tool is appropriate to…

Questions :13

Which tool is appropriate to determine if Solid State Drives will improve disk performance in an environment?

A. Performance Navigator for IBM i
B. Disk Magic with SSD extraction
C. SSD Analyzer Tool for IBM i
D. Disk Performance Calculator

Answer: C